Welcome-week and Trondheim Marathon 2018!

Some short words about week 35 and Trondheim Marathon. Results below!

Last week, we had our welcome week to kickstart the semester, and welcome new and old members to our group. We did a lot of running, but also social things like Sunday-lunch, swimming-Tuesday and barbeque-Thursday with games!

Saturday was the culmination of the welcome-week, when Trondheim Marathon was arranged. Every year, the first Saturday in September, gathers almost 5000 runners to run in the streets of Tronndheim! Next year it will be its 50th anniversary.
We signed up two teams for the relay-marathon, where 4 people in each team runs one lap (10.5km) of the Marathon course. We also had members from the group running both the marathon (42.2km), half-marathon (21.1km) and the 10km. It seemed like people was having fun, or at least after they were done running. Not everyone did run, but some came and cheered with the NTNUI-banner and helped those out fighting to get through!

Veksling Trondheim Maraton 2018

It were perfect running conditions with 17 degrees and cloudy! But not everything is perfect, and they who ran the marathon had to stop after 5km and wait for 3 minutes for a boat to pass under the swing bridge at Skansen. I don’t know if I would had cried or laughed if it had occurred to me! But the only help was to shake it off and continue to the finish line.

After all the runners had finished, we drank some water and ate some bananas before we went back home and got dressed up for the post-race-party!

Results from Trondheim Marathon:

4.     Magnus Warvik          2:52:58
19.   Kristian Ask               3:15:02
114. Håvard Skjellerud       3:51:45

10.   Sivert Laukli              1:20:24
14.   Erlend Hansen           1:21:27
97.   Martin Dorber           1:30:34
98.   Svenja Betz               1:30:37
106. Are Malvik                1:31:17
475. Ole Emil Frisvold      1:47:26
488. Leonhard Faubel      1:48:00

Team Marathon Mix:
10.(2.) NTNUI Friidrett 1     3:11:11
58.(23.) NTNUI Friidrett 2   3:49:54

10 km:
13. Oscar Ovanger           36:14

Written by Erlend Hansen