Semester report

The semester is coming to an end, with our annual Christmas porrige taking place in just a couple of weeks (December 3rd), marking the end of official training. This semester we have been a really good group, with people joining practices in both nice and bad weather.

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Because we have been bad at publishing reports from our events, here are some of the highlights:

Welcome Week

For the first time (as we know of), we started the semester with a “Welcome Week”. That meant activities every day, including running, eating, bathing, and running. We started the week on a Sunday, the day after the “fadderperioder”, with running and lunching, had a swim in Korsvika, did some barbecue and games, played volleyball, and ended the week with Trondheim Maraton and a party. This was in addition to our normal practices, and is probably something the group is going to continue doing going forward.

Breakfast jogs

After the success of the run & lunch at the welcome week, we continued this, with Hjalmar arranging breakfast jogs some Thursday mornings during the semester (with the next one coming up tomorrow!). With a start at 6:30, this is an event just for the most serious of runners, where we jog for an hour, then chill out with breakfast, before people start rushing for school.

Idrettens hederskveld

We were in for a surprise when we got the message that Svenn-Helge, the current leader of the group (for the second year), won the “student sport award” at “Idrettens hederskveld” (a award ceremony dedicated to honor accomplished athletes, and those who do a good job for the sport). Of course it wasn’t too big of a surprise, because he prioritises the position, and the group, highly. During his time in the board, routines have become better, and with the newly written and accepted Master Plan, this trend of “movement in the right direction” will hopefully continue into the future.

Uka rundt

The worlds longest relay, UKA Rundt, ended this last Saturday, with 10039.23 km run over 37.5 days. After a lot of coordination, we managed to get 48 runners from our group to run the same day, for a total running time of 24 hours. We ran on October 19th, and had the longest day in the entire relay (by 14 km). It was a really nice day, with people showing up and cheering, and staying long before, and long after their time to run. In the afternoon there was barbecue, and Hjalmar kept the spirit up through the entire night and day.

Cabin trip

The day after our UKA Rundt spectacle, we went straight to Heinfjordstua (one of the NTNUI cabins). Some bussed, some biked, some cared. And the guy with the food forgot to rent a car, which meant a late dinner.

I think most of the guys (hopefully everyone) going there would agree to say it was a really nice experience (even if the cabin standard was lower than expected). No electricity and not much internet made for a weekend full of card games and relaxing. The sauna was also a welcome addition, as well as the twist bread at the campfire under the starry sky.


As a running group, I think participating in races, and representing the club, is really important. For now, there are a few members of the group who are actively participating in races, and I hope for this to improve next year. Some races done by members of the group this semester: Trondheim Maraton (all distances including team), Oslo Maraton (marathon, half marathon), Skåbu Fjellmaraton, Frankfurt Marathon and Trøndersk vinterkarusell.


What’s next?

As the semester is going to an end, it’s also nice to think forward, and to the next semester. You guys are hopefully going to continue showing up for practices, even in the winter when it’s dark and cold (and in Ranheimshallen where it’s bright and warm), and keep up the good running you have been doing. In the beginning of the year the group will most likely have a completely new board, and the Master Plan can be tried out in practice. Of course the old board members are available to help.

Next year will also be the return of the group to Holmenkollstafetten. This relay race, taking place in Oslo in May, has been a staple event for the group, which we have participated in over 50 times. The last three years however, we didn’t get enough people to sign up.

Before Holmenkollstafetten however, is Fjellseterløpet. Next year it takes place on April 11th, and we have a lot of work in front of us. Time to start planning!

See you at practice!