Morning fun

This is a new feature of our website, where our mascot Hjalmar shares some deep insights from his diary. Remember to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!


Thursday September 21th

Tonight I had this strange dream about a banana that was arguing to me that we shouldn’t eat his kind. He said… No wait, this is not important. The important happening of the day was the first breakfast run with the club. Yesterday we where at the store buying bananas (and some other less important breakfast stuff), and today people where waking me up way too early because they wanted to run. 6:30 actually. In the morning!

IMG_5812I gave the camera to Magnus, and sent them away for a 50 minute run, while me and Svenn-Helge fixed the food. When the runners came back, we had a really nice breakfast, and the guys where talking about a shoe that became undone during the run. I took no further notice as I use borrelås the few times I’m actually wearing shoes. Of higher importance was the talk about UKA Rundt, that I hope everyone joins. Anyways, I feel like everyone there was thinking the same as me: this breakfast is something we have to do again!

That was the first sneak peek into Hjalmars diary. He said he would be willing to share more if it makes him more popular. Remember that you are always welcome to join our practices. Check the calendar on the top of the website for more information about time and location.