Some words about a week in Spain

A gang of five great guys from the group left for a training camp to Spain a Friday not long ago. With seven days of running and eating in the sun, they had a plan to become fit and fast, and on the eight day, travel back to Trondheim as generally better human beings. Here are some of their tales:

Yann: We arrived in Spain friday evening, and from the beginning I was looking forward to what this trip would bring us. The first thing I realized was that the temperatures were a lot higher than in Trondheim: 15 to 20 celsius, compared to minus degrees. It was awesome running there, in short and t-shirts! We were able to swim in the sea, and play some beach volley ball, which was pretty cool. Towards the end, my legs were getting really tired, so I had to slow down a little. This turned out to be an opportunity to discover the partylife in Spain- it is great! All in all, a really nice trip!

Scott: I had a great time in Spain! We did a lot of running, eating and other random stuff, illustrated by may hangover-language! I ran far more than what I am used to, and it was really motivating to see how well my body handled it. Also, during all the time in the sun I have gotten a nice red skin tone :) On the downside I gained 2 kilos although I ran 136 kilometers here, as you probably understand the food here is true magic! The most magical part was nonetheless the last day with a awesome party. It was crazy and a lot of free shots, now i regret as we are about to board a long flight which will be dreadful because of all my headache. Luckily there is a transit landing in BERGEN!! #Awesomeness #TwoHoursInBergen #ByAccident #LuckInUnluck #OhATransit?TooBad-InBergen?IGuessItIsNotAsBadAfterall

Magnus: This is my second training camp in Albir, and this one was a definite improvement over last time, training wise. As with most of the other guys, I had my largest training week ever, and an almost perfect last week before my Rotterdam Marathon taper. Three weeks to go before the race, where I’m planning a huuge personal best. The only problem was the blisters I got the last days, which prevented me from doing my planned long run. Other than running I didn’t actually do too much: I had a couple of beers, did one cross training session, ate a lot, and did quite a bit of school. But I was mostly just tired and slept. Really interesting, I know! Also, we talked a lot about shoes. You know, typical guy talk!

Maybe we’ll be back this autumn. Will you join? ;)