Plan for week 10

!Welcome to week 10!
The coldest period seems to be over. This means no more excuses. Here are your training opportunities:
On Monday (19:00) and Friday (16:30) we meet at the Gløshaugen training center. On Wednesdays we meet 19:00 in Ranheimshallen. In addition, this thursday we are going to Tulla Fischer to meet and eat. All our practices are open for everyone with an NTNUI membership, so find your running shoes and join!

Monday 19:00:
As usual, we will meet up at the gym at Gløshaugen, and split into three groups based on pace. We run for around an hour, and the pace should be easy.

  • 6 km (Trainer: TBD)
  • 8 km (Trainer: Adéla)
  • 11 km (Trainer: Martin)

Wednesday 19:00:
We are meeting up in Ranheimshallen, so remember to bring indoor running shoes. Everyone should be warmed up and ready when we start our technique session at 19:15.
Afterwards we will have the following interval options:

  • Long distance: 6-8 * 800m/1000m intervals depending on your pace. Break: 90s (Trainer: Martin )
  • Middle distance: 5-7 600m. Start every 4 minutes. (Trainer: Magnus)
  • Sprint: 60m and/or 150m: (Trainer To be decided.)

Thursday 19:00:
We are going to Tulla Fischer. Se Facebbok-event Meet and Dine – NTNUI Friidrett. Here is a quote from the event: “We are going to discuss a little bit about future plans for NTNUI Friidrett while enjoying: some good food. Show up with good mood and an empty stomach. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Friday 16:30:
Meetup at Gløshaugen training center for warmup before hill intervals. Plan for Friday:

  • Warm-up (jogging and some stair exercise)
  • 2-3×5 towards Hovedbygget, ca. 250m (Trainer: Erlend)