Plan for week 15

!Welcome to the Fjellseterløpet-Week!
Hope everyone is ready to run in spring temperatures!
On Monday (19:00) and Friday (16:30) we meet at the Gløshaugen training center. All our practices are open for everyone with an NTNUI membership, so find your running shoes and join!
There will be no training this Wednesday because of Fjellseterløpet. If you would like to help please join the meeting Monday 18:00 at the gym at Gløshaugen.

Monday 18:00

  • Fjellseterløpet – Helper meeting at the gym at Gløshaugen

Monday 19:00:
As usual, we will meet up at the gym at Gløshaugen, and split into three groups based on pace. We run for around an hour, and the pace should be easy.

  • 6 km (Trainer: Adela)
  • 8 km (Trainer: Scott)
  • 11 km (Trainer: Martin)

Wednesday 18:00:

  • Fjellseterløpet: Start 18:00

Friday 16:30:
Meetup at Gløshaugen training center for warmup before flat intervals (no hill-intervals because of Fjellseterløpet). The workout is dependent on the snow conditions:

  • Preliminary plan: Hope that snow melted: Then we will do a warmup jog towards Øya/Spektrum and run intervals on the track.
  • Backup-Plan: Run intervals at the bridge from Lerkendal stadion, crossing Nidelva, towards Byåsen.

There will be a post on Thursday, what we do exactly (facebook!)