Plan for week 20

Get ready for an awesome week, with lots of cool events planned! In addition to our normal practices (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), we will have a barbecue on Tuesday and our traditional swim on Thursday (May 17th). Except for Tuesday, meetup will be at SiT Gløshaugen.

Take a break from exam reading, and join!

Monday 19:00: One hour easy running, followed by strength training in Høgskoleparken

  • ~8 km with Adéla
  • ~11 km with Magnus

Tuesday 17:00: From the Facebook event: Take a break from your exam reading, and join us for a barbecue, and some games, at the fortress. We will bring the food and grills!

Wednesday 19:00: Meet us at SiT, or directly at Øya. Warmup down to the track at Øya, then some drills before we split:

  • 4x4min (3 min break) with Tor
  • 8x400m (start every 3 min) with Magnus

Thursday 06:30: From the Facebook event: Like every year, we will have our traditional national day swim on the morning of May 17th. Pack your swim clothes, we are bringing the ice cream!

Friday 16:30: Hill intervals at Ila (but meetup at SiT) up “Steinberget”. Either long (7x~800m) or short (2x5x~200m). Trainer: Magnus.

Hope to see you all :)