Plan for week 4

A picture from last weeks practice in Ranheimshallen.

A picture from last weeks practice in Ranheimshallen.

Are you ready for the new week? Because we are! Here is this weeks plan:

On Mondays (19:00) and Fridays (16:30) we meet at the Gløshaugen training centre. On Wednesdays we meet 19:00 in Ranheimshallen. All our practices are open for everyone with an NTNUI membership, and we love seeing new faces!

Monday: 19:00:

Facebook event. We will do a easy long distance run for 60 min. Therefore, we will split up in three groups:

  • 6 km: Trainer: Guro
  • 8 km: Trainer: Ole Emil
  • 11km: Trainer: Martin

Wednesday 19:00:

Join us in Ranheimshallen. A short technique session, followed by intervals.

  • Plan for long distance: 30 x 1 minute, 20 seconds active break (around 10k pace)
  • Plan for middle distance: 2 x (5 x 400m) start every 3min. (around 3k pace)
  • Plan for sprint: to be decided depending on who is showing up

Friday: 16:30:

We meet at the Gløshaugen training centre at 16:30 for hill intervals.

  • Sprint and long distance: Run up parts of Breidablikveien 2-3×5 repetitions. This is along the course that Fjellseterløpet goes.
  • After the practice, we will eat tapas at Blåklokkevegen 2. Bring your favorite dish, and something to drink afterwards if you want. We will probably play some games, and some of us are going out afterwards.

If you want more information about what we are doing from week to week, join our closed Facebook group, or send us a message!