Plan for week 8

Another week full of running opportunities.

On Monday (19:00) and Friday (16:30) we meet at the Gløshaugen training center. On Wednesdays we meet 19:00 in Ranheimshallen. All our practices are open for everyone with an NTNUI membership, so find your running shoes and join (In case you need a fancy NTNUI-cloth ask Erlend Hansen):

Monday 19:00:
As usual, we will meet up at the gym at Gløshaugen, and split into three groups based on pace. We run for around an hour, and the pace should be easy.

  • 6 km (trainer: Guro)
  • 8 km (trainer: Scott)
  • 11 km (trainer: Sindre)

Wednesday 19:00:
We are meeting up in Ranheimshallen, so remember to bring indoor running shoes. Everyone should be warmed up and ready when we start our technique session at 19:15.
Afterwards we will have the following interval options:

  • Long distance: 2-3 times * 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 minutes with half running time break 3-4min break between the sessions (trainer: Martin)
  • Middle distance: 6*600m intervals (Trainer: Magnus)
  • Sprint: 60m and/or 150m: (Trainer To be decided.)

Friday 16:30:
Meetup at Gløshaugen training center for warmup before hill intervals. The workout is dependent on the weather and conditions. Preliminary plan:

  • Long distance/ Short distance: 2-3×5 from Gamle Bybro towards Festningen