Get to know the new board

At our annual meeting this Monday, a new board for the group was elected. We had our first board meeting on Tuesday, where some of the old board members where present to ease the transition.

The new board

From left: Magnus (and Hjalmar), Erlend, Ole Emil, Sebastian, Martin, Marte. Unfortunately Guro couldn’t be there for the picture.

Everyone except me (Magnus) is new in the board. Below you can find a short introduction from each of us, but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Leader: Magnus Warvik

After being in the group since I moved to Trondheim 3,5 years ago, and in the board for the last three years, this was finally the time to take Svenn-Helges place. Other than running (of which I do quite a lot), I’m on my first year of my (two year) Masters in informatics. I love long distance running, preferably between 10k and 24h, and use running as an excuse to see new places. Hopefully I’ll see a lot of new and old faces on not only Monday practices, but also Wednesday and Friday!

Second in Command: Guro Kristensen

Guro from Alta. Studying at the teacher education program at NTNU. Have been a part of the friidrett group since august 2017. Favorite distance is Marathon, has no experience with other distances, he he.

Economy: Sebastian Arndt

I am from Berlin and work as a researcher at IES at NTNU. I joined NTNUI Friidrett in Autumn 2017. I am competing in long distance races from 10k to Marathon and usually join the long-distance running group in trainings.
Quote: “Push yourself to get to the next level”

Social: Ole Emil Frisvold

I am a fourth grader at material science. I am from Bergen, and have been part of the running group since September last year. So far, I have competed in distances from 3000m to half marathon, but a marathon is in the plans for 2018.

Event manager: Marte Wilson

Marte from Kristiansand. Studying physiotherapy at Tunga campus. I have been a part of NTNUI Friidrett since autumn 2016. I prefer short distances from 60m to 400m, and I usually join the sprint group. I think it is important to have fun on training :)

Responsible for sports: Martin Dorber (also responsible for Fjellseterløpet)

I am from Frankfurt and a Ph.D candidate at NTNU. I am part of the Friidrett group since summer 2016 and competing in races from 5 km up to the marathon distance. Thereby I am having a strong preferences for the long distances. That’s why you will most likely meet me in the long distances running group during trainings. “Running is a mental battle!“

Technical: Erlend Hansen

Erlend from Fosen (over the fjord), studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at Gløs. Will put myself as a long distance runner, like distances from 5k to marathon on all kinds of terrain.
Source of nutrition: banana and coffee.
Quote: «It’s in uphill it goes up!»

I want to thank the old board for their contributions, and especially Svenn-Helge as the leader for the last two years. This year we want to continue the good work that has been done, and we can’t wait to get started.

See you at practice!