Plan for week 36

Here comes the plan for a new week of training after the Trondheim Marathon.

We meet at the Gløshaugen training center (Christian Frederiks gate 20) on the following days:

Monday 19:00:

We will meet up at the gym at Gløshaugen and split into three groups based on pace. We run for around an hour, and the pace should be easy.

  • 6 km (Trainer: Svenn-Helge)
  • 8 km (Trainer: Magnus)
  • 11 km (Trainer: Martin)

Wednesday 19:00:

Warmup jog towards Øya/Spektrum before we do intervals on the track in three diffenret groups:

  • Long: 6*1200m intervals (trainer: Erlend)
  • Middle: Pyramid 1 ( ‘ = minutes): 2′-3′-4′-5′-4′-3′-2′ with 1′-breaks – 5min break – Pyramid 2: 1′-2′-3′-2′-1′ with 30”- breaks (Trainer: Martin)
  • Sprint (trainer: Svenn-Helge)

Friday 16:30:

Meetup at Gløshaugen training center for warmup before doing hill intervals. Your trainer Magnus is still looking for a nice hill. Info will follow.

In addtion to the normal training:

Saturday 10:00:

NTNUI Friidrett invites everyone to an informal pentathlon, and also the traditional “linjeforeningsstafett” (relay race for the university student associations):

All our practices are open for everyone with an NTNUI membership.